A few days ago our friends from Cut Off Pro Audio gave us the opportunity of trying one of the star synthesizers of Namm: the MINILOGUE by KORG.

In a world littered with synthesizers, to offer something new is quite complicated as we have a multitude of brands that offer practically the same sound options and similar prices.

Today, the rise in modular systems has brought analogue synths back into style.

The learning curve is steep in these modular synthesizers and the resulting sounds are dependent on the user´s knowledge and the range of modules selected, with quite a high cost in price given that we put together the modules one by one.

Conversely, Korg offers us a synth teeming with controls and in analog format, with a straightforward learning curve and huge sound at a price that overshadows the competition.

For less than 600 euros we will buy a fully-fledged polyphonic analog synth.




Upon opening the unit, we love its size and structure:

  • The wood finishes on the back cover provide a very appropriate vintage touch to the model and the upper panel is made of a very elegant grey aluminum and seems quite solid.
  • Regarding the knobs, they are made of rubber with a very well achieved feel.
  • The keyboard contains 37 tiny keys.

Minilogue offers an austere panel but one filled with functions. It surprises us with the ease of creating sounds from zero.

The factory presets are very inspirational, we have use of 100 presets plus 100 of the user.

Analyzing the front panel we have access to practically all of the parameters of the synth. We have use of visualization in wave form of the oscillators in a very didactic screen dedicated to the beginnings of sound synthesis.



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From left to right we see the section of 2 oscillators and the modulation sources. Next we have the mixer for the oscillators and the option of white noise.

The filter section is provided at the center of the unit with a knob for the cut-off frequency in a larger size that will delight every single user.

Following that we have the envelope section, an envelope first for volume and another envelope for the pitch and for the filter, that should be selected using a switch.

In the section to the right we have flexible Delay with options of routing and a knob for changes in presets and editing options of the marvelous internal sequencer incorporated.


To finish, Minilogue surprises us with the Voice Mode because we can choose between different modes that range from the typical arpeggiator to Chord options just as the old Korg Monopoly.

We begin to play and straightaway we realize that we are faced with a full-fledged winner.

We achieve monstrous basses in an instant, creamy leads and pads brimming with life.

The interesting thing about the synthesizer is that it is monophonic, I´ll leave it at that.

After a few hours with it is extremely hard for us to return it as it incorporates itself into your system in a way that very few current synths manage to do.

As we have the usb we can control all its functions from any DAW, in our case Ableton allows us to automate all the parameters that we wish in a matter of seconds.

The filter and pitch envelopes need to be assigned using a switch to play live, whereas from Ableton we automate various parameters at the same time without any problems, even the internal sequencer sends all the related information directly to the DAW, quite surprising in an analog model.

It only remains to be said that as a first synth it will help you grow in expertise and won´t give you any problems, simply by turning the knobs everything springs to life.

If you are an experienced user you will love its sound and its modulation options.

The Midi control will allow you to record all the interpretations live without losing data.

We view it as a sure bet that we will have shortly in the studio.

Do you dare try it?


¿Os atrevéis a probarlo?


Be careful, it´s addictive 😉

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